When working with your organization, I adhere to some basic ideas about our relationship and the work that I will produce for you and with you. First of all, I have no requirement or limit to project size. If you need a few documents converted to web pages or if you need a full-scale LMS programmed for your organization, I will discuss your needs and goals with you, and then propose a plan of action. There is no minimum to contract - please don't be afraid to ask.


Outsourcing work can be a scary thing for companies, especially small business owners. Realize that when I take your project and you commission deliverables from me, I produce them quickly, efficiently, and with a focus on capturing your organization's personality and best interest. They will be of high quality and will fit your needs. Outsourcing work and projects is meant to save you time and money - I guarantee that will be the result.


Consulting is a method for you and your organization to become more agile, lean, and profitable. You bring in a consultant so that you will save time, money, energy, and maybe even your business. I will serve as another set of eyes on your opportunities and am committed a high level of professionalism. I will be transparent and honest about your business with you and your employees.


All opportunities are design opportunities. Organizational elements are made better by quality design, whether it be architectural or instructional. Employees benefit from enhanced work-flow designs, and solid instructional design systems. In turn, employees then benefit customers in creating part of a positive interaction and experience.


My pricing is dependent on these factors:

  • My experience with similar projects
  • Project scope
  • Project length
  • Travel

My preferred method of consulting is:

  • One day of pre-work including phone calls, research, and preparation
  • Travel to client site for on-site consulting session
  • One day of post-work including write-ups/reports and a presentation of findings or recommendations to the client

This type of consulting session is meant to be affordable for your organization and will have impact for your employees, managers, and customers without being an overbearing or long-term relationship.