Consulting Services

Technology Interaction | Leadership | New Media | Organizational Development

I have worked with companies in a variety of sectors to help create professional development workshops and full-scale instructional systems as well as analysis of procedure and opportunities for almost three years. Some sectors that I have worked with include financial services, professional services, and hospitality. Much of my training design and development work, however, has been in the retail industry. I have had the great opportunity to work on multiple aspects of retail training from one-on-one coaching to large-scale management and sales classes.

Throughout my work as a training consultant and educator, I have specialized and built new skills in a few areas. I would be very excited to talk with you about my services in each. Technology Interaction, Leadership and New Media.

Technology Interaction

If your organization is rolling out new technology, training and support is the most important offering you can give to your staff. For organizations with managers and employees that are unfamiliar with technology, I can provide one-on-one coaching, instructor led training, or even on-going consultation and support. Changes to even the most basic of tasks can be scary for those unfamiliar with technology; ushering in the changes with training can make your staff and your organization successful.

Maybe you have existing technology, but feel that your business could be using technology more effectively or more frequently. Allow me to consult with you to examine your practices, policies, and tasks - I will design a solution, suggest changes to software, or outfit you with new hardware that will make your organization more agile, lean, and profitable.


Good leaders make customers and co-workers happier, organizations more profitable, and can set your mind at ease when you're more worried about your responsibilities. Not having to monitor every move that your managers and employees make should be a priority for your business, but you might not always have the time or the resources to share your leadership philosophy with all of your employees.

Both in my training consulting and development as well as in public education, I have created workshops and courses for leadership development. I can create quick courses that you could use for incoming employees or managers, or provide on-going coaching and consulting for new leaders. By discussing your organization's needs with you, I can design a solution to grow, support, and sustain strong leadership.

New Media

Blogs, YouTube, podcasts, Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, and a number of other websites and media are popping up quicker than anyone can keep up with. These sites have implications for your organization and your employees, both positive and negative. Through effective training you can help your employees understand appropriate use of these tools at the work place. I can also consult with you and your managers to assure that you are using these tools to their maximum potential to communicate with customers and market your brand.

Organizational Development

Change starts with people, and change in people starts with education. Organizations are developed from a cornerstone of training. I believe that through an intuitive approach, solutions can be created that use the latest in technology. Logical consulting and needs assessment practices will allow me to create a training plan that will bring the results from your human resources that your organization needs.