Design Services

Instructional | Organizational | Web | Customer Experience and Interaction

All perceived problems are actually design opportunities. Whether it is architectural or instructional, I can consult with you to design solutions for your organization. Over the past three years, I have worked with companies to create instructional system designs and for more than five years I have been designing lesson plans for children of all ages on an almost daily basis.

If you're a small retail business and want to enhance your customer experience, consider designing a better interface within your store or online. I will consult with your company to design the elements that make a positive, meaningful, and memorable experience for your customers.


Instructional design should be a top priority of your organization's operations and/or human resource department. From training new hires, to providing ongoing professional development for your top leaders, having an instructional system set up is paramount to your employee's well-being and your organization's bottom line. As I work with your company, I will help you design classes, eLearning solutions, and job aids for your employees.

Also, getting to know your organization will determine my customized approach to instructional design for you. While referring to training and instructional design best practices, I also look at personalities, barriers, and overarching goals of your organization. With that information, I design an instructional system or plan for your company that will help you achieve your goals and work towards more success and profit.


Organizational development is becoming an ever popular field for large consulting companies. If you own a small or medium sized business, especially in the retail industry, many of these large companies will either ignore your real needs, assert only their past experience, or may fail to deliver a custom observation, analysis, and plan for your organization.

I will work with you and your organization to assure that you receive ongoing dialogue and that I capture the spirit and personality of your business when building organizational development designs. I can design organizational structures, training, communication, and other elements that will make your business leaner, more agile, and more profitable.


If you don't have a website, your organization is missing out on potential customers and revenue. Consumers research on the web before they ever hit a store and some won't even call your service if you don't have a web presence. Let me help you not only create a website, but assure that your business shows up in search results so that customers can find you. From designing the page to developing the content, I can help.

Perhaps you have a website, but aren't happy with the design or functionality. I can design more dynamic solutions for you as well as suggest ways to increase usability and visibility. By consulting with you, listening to your organization's needs, and considering user interface design, I will help you create a site that helps all aspects of your business.

Customer Experience and Interaction

Retail, both in brick and mortar stores and online, is more than just sales. It is about creating a position, meaningful, and memorable experience for your customers. This can be achieved through design of your physical store, technology interaction, and even through the instructional systems that you use to train employees.

Customer service doesn't just happen, you must train and retrain employees so they understand and live by your standards. Want to understand your customers better? Consider additional technology within your store or online to track customers' interests and purchases. These are all elements that I will discuss with you if you want to design a better customer experience.